6 Nisan 2016 Çarşamba

Victory On The 45. Day Of Hunger Strike!

Osman Evcan gained the victory from the determined struggle which he put his  life against the state inside the thick walls of prison which he is enclosed. Osman , got everything  he demanded through this hard period without surrendering to the state. Osman Evcan ended his indefinite hunger strike which took 45 days against intimidation, torture and extermination politics against prisoners  and again he proved us that how he is right about his call to raise struggle. He continued his resistance resolutely by choosing to die with honor  is the only reason why he’s demands are excepted.
The  State’s “punishment” system and their officials that made comrade Osman Evcan suffer hunger for 45 days and tortured him are our enemies. The recognized demands of Osman Evcan are not a matter of grace, instead that is the end of torturous practices. Torture is a state policy. He is grateful to everyone who have held demonstrations, spoken up, and support for Osman Evcan’s cause. Osman Evcan is now trying to get over the adverse effects of the hunger strike process, and his present health condition is fine. We will share the message from Osman Evcan soon.

With anarchist solidarity

ABC İstanbul

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